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Comms Camp 16

Simply put…this was a great day of learning, re-energising, discovery, networking and ideas. Here’s my doodle to visualise the day as a whole and some of the things that I took away from it.

Comms Camp16

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Digital Seminar

On Wednesday 25 February I hosted a Digital Seminar with Darren Caveney. I was representing LocalGov Digital and Darren was there from LG Comms.

To say I was nervous about the day was a complete understatement. I was petrified about speaking in front of so many people. Some I knew and some I didn’t. I don’t know what was worse. I knew I just had to get on with it though. And believe it or not, after I did my presentation with Phil Rumens the nerves disappeared and I could enjoy the day.

Here’s a doodle about everything I took away from the day. I found it extremely useful and can take some of the learning into my day job. I’m a Digital Officer at Gravesham Council.  Be great to know if you went what you got from it. Tweet me @KarenJeal

Digital Seminar Doodle

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Getting the most from Digital


This is definitely going to be worth taking a look at. You can register for the seminar via the LG Communications website.

And if you can’t make it but would still like to take part you can take a look at our virtual element that will be available on this blog on the day. We’ll be running a simultaneous ‘unconference’ here on this blog. Simply register the topic you’d like to pitch and get views about by emailing me we’ll set the pages up for each topic before the day to give a bit of background on what that subject will be about and what you’d like to gain from the conversations and then the comments will be open for people to start discussing, suggesting ideas and creating conversations. Hopefully simply enough. It is the first time we’ve done this though so it will be a digital experiment.

You can also get involved in the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #LGCommsDigi


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Comms Camp 14

Comms Camp

So I had my ticket at the ready and I left work on Friday really looking forward to my Monday morning because Comms Camp had arrived. I did my usual exercise class on Saturday morning and before it had started properly I had fallen over and sprained my ankle. I was gutted. I knew instantly that I couldn’t have come to Birmingham today because I couldn’t move my foot at all and to describe it looking like a balloon was an understatement. So there was no chance of getting there. I felt so sad. My first ever Comms Camp was over before it had even begun.

I had a bit of renewed happiness though when I found out John Popham was streaming some bits of it live and that I could follow all the action on #commscamp14 so I stayed tuned in and the doodle above is what I got from it. In fact a lot and there was much more I couldn’t fit onto the page.

The only thing I really did miss out on was all the cake. And just for the record I would have said at the beginning… Karen, Lambeth, Digital Officer, @karenjeal and my favourite cake is angel cake!

Thanks to everyone who organised it. I have mentioned a few names above but I suspect it was much more than that who played a part in it all happening so a big high-five! It was awesome from afar!


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Localgov Camp 2014 – Reflective Thinking


So on Friday 20 June and Saturday 21 June I went to my first ever Local Gov Camp. I felt a bit out of my depth at the start because I didn’t know many people and I hadn’t been to one before.  But I soon got the hang of it, met some great people and got to put a lot of faces to names. So here’s some reflective thinking on the weekend.

What did I learn?
I learnt that it’s good to meet new people and really bounce off their enthusiasm and ideas. I’ve also learnt that I’m not the only one that cares about local gov. It’s great to see so many people all there for the same thing.

How will I behave differently?
Now I know what to expect I will be less nervous next time. It was my first localgov camp so I think for that reason I stood back a bit to observe. But now I have been there I am happy to proudly wear the t-shirt and jump in with both feet next time.

What held me back?
The fact it I was a localgov camp first timer.

What surprised me?
I was surprised how much everyone wanted to be there and on a Saturday too. It really showed me how much people do really want to make a difference in local gov.

What got in my way?
My nerves really played a part in approaching people and so I think for that reason I didn’t meet as many people as I would have liked. I stuck to those I knew, or knew through Twitter.

What happened today that gave me a glimpse of the future?
I have so many ideas to take away I feel like more can be done in localgov and you know what – even more can be done together!

What frustrated me?
The thing that frustrated me the most was that the person pitching was expected to lead on the conversation, however i think it should just be about creating that idea for a conversation and then letting the group talk out their ideas.

What did I do today that I do every day?
I ate some biscuits and drank some tea 🙂
I also got up very early!

What did I let go of today? 
I tried to let go of the fact i get nervous at these kind of things and tried to just embrace it. I don’t go to Birmingham very often so I didn’t want to waste the opportunity.

What will I do tomorrow?
I will start to DO…

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