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Comms Camp 16

Simply put…this was a great day of learning, re-energising, discovery, networking and ideas. Here’s my doodle to visualise the day as a whole and some of the things that I took away from it.

Comms Camp16

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Comms Camp 14

Comms Camp

So I had my ticket at the ready and I left work on Friday really looking forward to my Monday morning because Comms Camp had arrived. I did my usual exercise class on Saturday morning and before it had started properly I had fallen over and sprained my ankle. I was gutted. I knew instantly that I couldn’t have come to Birmingham today because I couldn’t move my foot at all and to describe it looking like a balloon was an understatement. So there was no chance of getting there. I felt so sad. My first ever Comms Camp was over before it had even begun.

I had a bit of renewed happiness though when I found out John Popham was streaming some bits of it live and that I could follow all the action on #commscamp14 so I stayed tuned in and the doodle above is what I got from it. In fact a lot and there was much more I couldn’t fit onto the page.

The only thing I really did miss out on was all the cake. And just for the record I would have said at the beginning… Karen, Lambeth, Digital Officer, @karenjeal and my favourite cake is angel cake!

Thanks to everyone who organised it. I have mentioned a few names above but I suspect it was much more than that who played a part in it all happening so a big high-five! It was awesome from afar!