Week 1

1 January – 8 January 2021

What a week…New Year, birthday and national lockdown and it’s only the first week of 2021. Yikes!

It’s felt like a long week (and I had Monday off) and I am glad it’s the weekend now so that I can take a breath, collect my thoughts and go into the next week feeling a little more ready.

To be completely honest – I’m exhausted. It’s been a real struggle this week being a mum, employee, teacher, partner and friend. And I keep using the phrase ‘working from home’ but I’m not. I saw something on social media earlier and it rang true. I’m not ‘working from home’, I’m ‘living at work’.

I’ve done my best this week with the whole teacher thing but when work is just as demanding I find myself losing patience and my little girl is the one who gets sidelined with a bribe of a film or her tablet while I just ‘do this bit of work’, ‘answer this email’ or ‘ take this call’. I can’t even recall the amount of times I’ve said ‘just give me a minute please’. It’s not fair on her and it makes me feel alllll the guilt.

It’s funny it’s been an extension of the Christmas holidays but I was the festive fun mum in the holidays. I was on annual leave and I had time to play, snuggle and do crafts. Now I’m the cranky mum who is spinning plates… a lot of plates.

And everyone is experiencing the same in one form or another. I know I’m not unique. I’m finishing this week in my personal life thinking next week you need to take the pressure off. Just do what you can do. I need to practice what I preach. I tell my little girl all the time ‘do your best today’ so that’s what I need to do myself.

In my work life it’s been hectic juggling it all but there has been some really noteable things that have happened.

It’s our 75th anniversary so we have launched our celebration year branding and our touring teddies idea, which is 6 teddies to represent each home that will make their way out into the big wide world for the whole of 2021. Just a little tweaking because, well Covid, but they will be starting around the homes first. I’m really excited to see where they are going to go and what adventures they’ll go on.

The big news at the moment is vaccines. Most staff have either had theirs or are booked in and this week our residents started getting vaccinated. I’ve been so proud, pleased and privileged to see this happen and embark on the first step to a brighter future.

We’ve wished all staff a Happy New Year and given them news of all the things coming up for 2021. Rather than dwell on 2020 we wanted to offer words of hope and positivity to start the new year.

And lastly this week, despite the fatigue felt out there for fundraising because it seems like every charity is asking for money. We have had to continue pushing and seeing what we can do. We launched a Pedal Power event to engage children in a lockdown cycling challenge. It’s dog eat dog out there at the moment with virtual events flooding the internet. So I feel pleased we’ve launched it and hope some people take up the challenge.

So as we end the week, my to do list continues to grow but I’m confident next week will get easier.

Let’s do this week 2.

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