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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day!

With digital now taking centre stage in our lives and children’s lives it’s important not to forget that you need to stay safe when surfing the web.

My partner has a nine-year-old and using her tablet and phone is just part of her life. She seems to be on it all the time. So we are constantly drumming the message home. Over and over again. And so is her school. They have regular internet safety lessons and that is so pleasing to hear. When she comes home and is enthused about making an iMovie with her class mates about what it means to be safe online. Or that they tell her the dangers of using Snapchat and Instagram, it helps reinforce our messages to her. She knows not to  talk to people she doesn’t know. She’s smart but it doesn’t hurt to keep going on, like adults are supposed to.

I think we’ve gone on about it so much that she gets what we’re trying to say but it’s still so so important to keep talking and to keep repeating what we’re saying.

If you only do one thing today. Make it matter. Make sure you take a look at Safer Internet Day stuff online. It’s really useful, well I thought so anyway!


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