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Pinch Punch First of the Month. Happy February everyone! Let’s use February to celebrate everything to do with local gov websites and digital.

I’m Karen and I work at Gravesham Council as the Digital Officer and as part of our website project and also to aid my own learning we want to call on local gov digital people everywhere to find out what tip or tips you’d share with us and everyone else to help do digital in a local authority.

As we approach February we can’t think of a better way to do this than to using digital itself and we’ve called it #LocalGovWebFeb.

You might have some tips on doing the perfect navigation, is there a perfect nav for that matter? You might want to share user testing ideas you have or any programmes you use that others will benefit from knowing about. Icons – yes or no? What about content – anyone got any quick fire tips to get this right? Design tips, segmentation? Or if you have recently launched a new website what have you learnt that others can learn from too? The list goes on…

It’s a simple crowdsourced blog idea. We want to start and encourage the conversation and then share the learning.

You can get involved by commenting on this blog post or tweeting using the hashtag #LocalGovWebFeb and we’ll collate all the results in early March and share everyone’s tips, ideas and suggestions, plus there’ll be a doodle too – watch this space!

One thought on “#LocalGovWebFeb

  1. Great idea and post!

    Recently been swapping tips for good e-newsletters in local gov, namely with Nottingham CC and Central Bedfordshire. Top tips we’ve gathered:

    Subject lines, between 20-29 characters works best. Shorter/snappier they are= more successful

    Stories per email- 3 is the magic number

    Send times- experiments happening with this, sending updates from the same topic at different times, then evaluating. But generally it’s found week days (excluding Monday and Friday) at around 6/7pm is a good send time. Saturdays can also be successful if the email is relevant (waste changes at weekends for example, during bank hols etc)

    Adding an overlay to your website that gathers subscribers is extremely effective. See examples on both Nottingham CC website and Dorset has gathered over 2,000 emails this way in two months.

    Cross promotion- making subscribers of one topic aware of your other offerings at the end of each email. Adding adverts to this effect, with links to sign up.

    Re-sending e-newsletters to new subscribers. You’ve worked hard creating one great e-newsletter-make the most of it! Most systems will let you filter recipients down to those added after a certain date. Select the day after you sent your last email, and re-send to all those new subscribers who would otherwise have had to wait for your next one. We’ve had excellent engagement using this method.

    Happy to expand or chat with any other councils! tweet me @susannahpike

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