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Pick of the Digital Blogs

Blogging isn’t new, but blogging in a local gov environment, for me, is relatively new. And even more so is blogging about digital in local gov.

We’re all trying to push people online, save money, tighten up our websites and streamline services as much as possible and having done a bit of research here are my best pick of the digital blogs around. In no particular order:

#1 – Gravesham – Digital Gravesham
I’m biased on this one because I set it up but it’s well worth a look, even in its early state. We’re documenting everything we’re doing from start to finish.

#2 – Shropshire – Project WIP
This is a fantastic example of bringing a human element to local government work. It not only is going through the work they’re doing but is adding details of the team and how they’re working together. It’s also worth noting that Shropshire is doing lots of new innovative work too. Trying out Whatsapp being just one awesome example.

#3 – Nottinghamshire – Digital First
This is a good blog that is aimed at achieving Digital First. They are sharing the work they do and want to gain feedback on that work.

#4 – Lambeth – Digital Lambeth
This blog, again, is a log of all the work that was done during the website redesign and is now being used to highlight other parts of the Digital Team’s work. The blog was previously called Made in Lambeth.

#5 – Devon – Re:work Devon
I don’t know which blog came first but this one in particular is one that I found first off all a few years ago and has been a really great insight into doing a blog of this kind well.

#6 – Camden – Camden’s Website Redesign Project
This blog is very detailed and packed full of info and resources. Like Project WIP this also goes into detail of team members which again, brings a very human element to the work their doing, rather than just being ‘The Council’.

#7 – Monmouthshire – Digital Monmouthshire
This one hasn’t been updated for a while but is still worth a little mention as Monmouthshire, in particular Jo Goodwin, are doing some really good things!

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