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Keep it brief


So it’s called a Project Brief, but people sometimes forget to do just that… keep it brief but with as much detail as possible to prevent too many further questions. Here’s a little guide to things you need to think about when doing your next website project brief.

What’s the project about?
What are your goals and priorities – what’s the website going to achieve?
What is your current situation when it comes to web presence – what have you already got? Try and explain what CMS/platforms you already use and have to give a bit of context.
Who is your audience? How will they use the site?
Include wireframes and what functions you want. Try and give as much information about branding, colours, fonts, do you need interactive maps, do you need a search function built in. Images – will you provide them or will you need stock ones. Will you require advertising on the site? Try and give an idea on the navigation you’re looking for. Provide some content with it if you can. Think about social media and how that is incorporated into the site.
Make the site accessible and responsive as standard. Most people are using sites on their mobiles and tablets nowadays.
Who is hosting the site? What do you want the domain name to be?
When it comes to the quote – make sure you ask for it to be broken down into different elements so that if it comes in over budget you can pick and mix what you want. Find out if there is any annual ongoing costs and find out what the daily rate is if the deadline is missed.
Make sure you say what you’re deadline is and keep at it.

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